Below is a partial list of invited talks, workshops, and exhibitions as well as events I've helped organize. Contributing to a culture of teaching and learning from one another is important to me, and I am always interested to help out with this kind of work.

I often speak about creative applications of computer science and "AI", and particularly enjoy introducing beginners to computation in this way.

Please reach out at if you are interested in working together.

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2020-12-12 (publication) Mask-Guided Discovery of Semantic Manifolds in Generative Models NeurIPS Workshop on Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. Joint work with Mengyu Yang and David Rokeby. Online.
2020-11-02 (exhibition) Latent Space Interpolation Metamorphosis 2020 by Elektra. Collaboration with Mattie Tesfaldet. Montreal, Canada / Online.
2020-02-05 - 2020-03-17 (exhibition) Latent Space Interpolation Human Learning: What Machines Teach Us at the Canadian Cultural Centre Paris. Collaboration with Mattie Tesfaldet. Group show curated by Dominique Moulon and Alain Thibault Paris, France.
2019-11-02 (organizer) Computer Vision Art Gallery at ICCV International Conference on Computer Vision Second Workshop on Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design. Seoul, Korea.
2019-02-25 (talk) Generative Art. AI Art. Computational Art. Ryerson University Media Languages Guest Lecture. Toronto, Canada.
2018-11-21 (talk) Explainable AI: Why it matters, why it's hard Toronto Machine Learning Summit. Toronto, Canada.
2018-10-18 (talk) Model Explainability and Interpretability Ethics in AI: Toronto Synthetic Intelligence Forum. Toronto, Canada.
2018-09-22 (talk) Emerging Trends in AI Art ChangeUp. Toronto, Canada.
2018-09-22 (workshop) Shaders in the browser ChangeUp. Toronto, Canada.
2018-09-14 (organizer) Computer Vision Art Gallery at ECCV European Conference on Computer Vision First Workshop on Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design. Munich, Germany.
2018-06-09 (talk) Using AI as a tool in artistic creation FutureWorld Toronto 2018. Toronto, Canada.
2018-06-02 (organizer) ML Ensemble #3 Toronto, Canada.
2018-04-08 (talk) Using AI as a tool in artistic creation FITC Toronto 2018. Toronto, Canada.
2018-02-22 (panel) AI & Creativity Roundtable Colloque I.ART. Montréal, Canada.
2018-01-19 (organizer) ML Ensemble #2 Toronto, Canada.
2017-11-30 (publication, talk) High-Resolution Multi-Scale Neural Texture Synthesis SIGGRAPH Asia. Bangkok, Thailand.
2017-11 (exhibition) Subjective Functions x Lionize Offsite Concept Space. Collaboration with Leo Krukowski Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-18 (talk) Subjective Objective Functions: High-resolution Neural Image Synthesis RBC Research. Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-18 (organizer) ML Ensemble #1 Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-18 (talk) Subjective Objective Functions: High-resolution Neural Image Synthesis ML Ensemble #1. Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-16 (workshop) Raytrace in the browser with GLSL Shaders JS Workshop. Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-16 (talk) Emoji & Deep Learning A-B-Z-Text. Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-04/05 (organizer) GenArtHackParty #004 Toronto, Canada.
2017-08-04 (workshop) Raytrace in the browser with GLSL Shaders GenArtHackParty #004. Toronto, Canada.
2017-07-26 (talk) Experiments in Neural Image Creation CreateInTO Meetup. Toronto, Canada.
2017-06 (talk) Algorithm Empathy Normative Design + AI Meetup. Toronto, Canada.
2017-03 (panel) The Hype and Hope of Artificial Intelligence Massey College, University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada.
2017-03 (talk) Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence University of Toronto Engineering Plenary Lecture. Toronto, Canada.
2017-03 (talk) Low memory RNNs... for emoji! Machine Learning Toronto Meetup. Toronto, Canada.
2016-11-05 (talk) Emoji & Deep Learning Emojicon. San Francisco, California.
2016-09 (talk) The Whirlscape Story University of Toronto Engineering Entrepreneurship Series. Toronto, Canada.
2016-09 (talk) Deep Learning at Whirlscape Toronto Machine Learning Meetup. Toronto, Canada.
2016-04 (talk) Whirlscape Story Idea XChange TO. Toronto, Canada.
2016-04 (workshop) Building fragment shaders with GLSL Toronto JS Workshop. Toronto, Canada.
2016-04 (workshop) Building neural nets with Keras University of Toronto Student Group. Toronto, Canada.
2016-03-19 (organizer) GenArtHackParty #003 Toronto, Canada.
2016-03-18 (workshop) Fragment shaders in GLSL GenArtHackParty #003. Toronto, Canada.
2015-04-24/25 (organizer) GenArtHackParty #002 Toronto, Canada.
2015-04-24 (workshop) Generative art with three.js GenArtHackParty #002. Toronto, Canada.
2014-11 (talk) Whirlscape Story Business of Software Course, University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada.
2014-10 (talk) Software Engineering at Whirlscape Software Enginering Course, University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada.
2013-02-15/16 (organizer) GenArtHackParty #001 Toronto, Canada.
2013-02-15 (workshop) Generative Art with paper.js GenArtHackParty #001. Toronto, Canada.